Lino Lakes City Council Candidates

There are four candidates for the two open City Council seats in Lino Lakes in 2013.  

  William Kusterman

About Me: 
 Bill Kusterman, age 52, lives in Lino Lakes with his wife Sharyn and their 4 daughters:  Shelby, Lindsey, Sydney and Halle.  Bill and his family have made their home in Lino Lakes for the past 17 years. For the past 12 years, Bill has served as a member of the Lino Lakes Park Board.

Bill is an Executive Director in the
Minneapolis office of Ernst & Young (“EY”) where he has worked for over 22 years. He specializes in state and local income taxation and assists corporations, pass-through entities, and individuals with multi-state income/franchise tax compliance and planning. 

Bill graduated from the
University of St. Thomas in 1983 and received His MBT from the Carlson School of Management - University of Minnesota in 1999.  Bill is also a member of the State and Local Tax Section of the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants. 

Important Issues:  I believe that all Lino Lakes development should be thoughtful, responsible and considerate of the common good of the community.  City-friendly commercial development should occur in just a few select areas of Lino Lakes.

The environment of Lino Lakes is sacred.  Our lakes, parks and our trails, in conjunction with the Anoka regional park system and its trails are unparalleled.  I’m not interested in degrading the quality of our environment.

reconstruction is an important issue. We need to determine whether we as a City want to have our elected officials exercise representative government with respect to road construction issues.

The City has done a great job
financially over the past several years of adjusting to the difficult economic times.  The City has done so while improving its Moody’s rating four times in the last 10 years and lowering taxes every year for the last 4 years.

Political Philosophy:  Government works best when it doesn’t try to be all things for all people.  Many of society’s problems are the result of well-intentioned government programs that have created dependency and a sense of entitlement.  Government exists to protect and serve its citizenry, e.g., to offer police and fire protection among other things.  Government has a role in assuring equal opportunities.  It does not exist to pick winners and losers and to equalize outcomes.

I believe that serving as an elected official is a vocation, not an occupation.
  We should all seek to serve not for ourselves but for what is truly in the best interest of the common good.  I ask that you vote for me to be your next Lino Lakes City Council member so that I can serve you for the next 4 years. 

Endorsements: None listed

  Melissa S. Maher

About MeMelissa Maher is running for Lino Lakes City Council.  She is married to Patrick Maher, her spouse of 21 years and they have two boys; Calen, a graduate from Centennial High School and Nolan, a fifth grader at Rice Lake Elementary.  Melissa grew up in Roseville and Patrick in Moundsview.  She was a Planning Commissioner in Falcon Heights for six years prior to moving to Lino Lakes in 2004.  Melissa spent three years as a Lino Lakes Charter Commissioner and continues to actively support our Charter.

Melissa is an attorney. She attended Hamline University School of Law, graduating in 2002.  Fresh from law school she opened her own firm, initially doing employment law, gradually moving into family law.  Looking for a change of pace, Melissa gave up her private practice this year and began working for the firm of Lockridge, Grindal & Nauen in Minneapolis.

Community outreach is important to Melissa and she has devoted time most recently to volunteer for the Children’s Law Center of MN, Second Harvest Food Shelf and Homeline Tenant Hotline.   Her hope is to devote more of her time to this community by serving as one of your councilmembers.

Important Issues:  The most important issue to me is the quality of life for families in Lino Lakes.  This community has both urban and rural characteristics, which contribute to the overall wholesome feel of living here.  I believe these factors draw people to this community.  I love the fact that there are working farms close to my home.  Our Comprehensive Plan for the city moving towards 2020 calls for certain amounts and types of growth.  Growth is important for economic reasons; however, too much growth too fast could be detrimental to the urban yet still rural feel of this community, which would detract greatly from what many people love about Lino Lakes.  Another important issue is that our governing bodies not only represent our citizens, but be representative of our citizens.  I feel that city council members should be representative of our community’s population to most effectively represent us as citizens.

Political Philosophy:  Government, even on the smaller municipal levels, should be composed of citizens working for and with other citizens.   Governing bodies need to be transparent and inclusive of the citizens in their activities.  As an attorney, I hold myself to a high standard of conduct, and I believe those in politics should too.   We need less politics and more community.  Governments have forgotten who they work for, and why.  I have witnessed municipal government working with the best interests of their communities at heart, and I have witnessed municipal government using distraction techniques and blatant dishonesty trying to convince the public they were working for their good when in reality it was the farthest from it.  I believe in the power of community.  My political philosophy is that governing bodies are there to help and guide communities.  If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.         

Endorsements: None listed.

  Rob Rafferty

About Me: 
Rob attended Moorhead State University on a Track scholarship and through an adjoining program at NDSU began under-graduate studies in Architecture before transferring to The University of Minnesota.  He’s been apart of Rafferty Rafferty Tollefson Lindeke Architects a national recognized Architectural firm since 1978.  He currently is Director of IT/IS services and is a minority owner for this firm that was established 1961.  This year, Rob and his wife Amy celebrate their 24th anniversary.  They have 2 children, James (21) and Julia (19) and a dog named Dakota.  They have lived in the Pheasant Hills Preserve Community for over 16yrs.

Rob Rafferty is running for re-election to the City of Lino Lakes City Council.

Rob’s Community involvement includes:
3yrs - Coaching, Youth Football
4yrs - Treasurer, Pheasant Hills Preserve Home Association
2yrs - Member EDAC Committee, City of Lino Lakes
2yrs - Member of the Charter Commission, City of Lino Lakes
8yrs - Member/Vice Chair/Chair Planning & Zoning Committee, City of Lino Lakes
4yrs - Member of the Lino Lakes City Council
1yr  - Acting Mayor for the City of Lino Lakes
4yrs - Member of the VLAWMO Board of Directors

Important Issues:  We again need to revitalize our marketing efforts for our City as the economy begins its recovery.  And as a recovery of the economy begins, we too will begin again attracting businesses to the community as we market the assets that surround us all.  With a recovery, we can again begin to enrich and enhance our current tax base.

Our City must constantly strive for the Quality of a development over Quantity of a development.  Simply put, a development plan - for land, isn’t about second chances.  We must continually treat the land within the city with respect and put assets of a quality development back.

Political Philosophy:  We need to begin to expand on the horizons of the City, yet stand ground for the issues that are most important for the City of Lino Lakes and its residents.  Always strive for Quality of a development over Quantity of development in order to protect the assets of the City.  It’s about respecting what we have and making sure as things develop - they do so to properly enhance the City to age gracefully and withstand the true test of time. 

Endorsements: None listed

  Byron J. Roland

About Me:  

Important Issues: 

Political Philosophy: